(This program ran in the fall of 2017, stay tuned for future bootcamps)

Why don’t cyclists do much stretching?

Why do cyclists tend to know their areas of weakness but don’t work to strengthen them?

Because riders like to ride bikes!

  • Free time? — Ride!
  • Social time? — Ride with friends!
  • Not improving fast enough? Buy a better (and more expensive) bike! — NO! Build a better body!

If this sounds like you, then you need a trainer like Ali to push you to do the things you know you need to do to have a better biker body! CYCLIST SPECIFIC STRENGTH and MOBILITY!

Let’s be honest, it’s too dark at 6pm now to go for a ride anyways – so join us!
Your body will thank you and you’ll go from plateau to performance.

Bonus: Meeting new riding buddies and saving hundreds of dollars from that unnecessary bike upgrade.

It’s Body Upgrade Time!

Mountain Bike Bootcamp at The Cycling Co_2017

The weather is wet and the days are short, but it’s warm and dry in the gym! Get ready for next season NOW!!

Mobility Mondays:

Get limber via a combo of:

  • Yoga
  • Joint mobility movements
  • Foam rolling and
  • Stretching of all kinds

I’m talking to you, stiff and posturally challenged spine and incredibly tight hip flexors!

Weight Wednesdays:

  • Mountain Bike Bootcamp at The Cycling Co.Innovative balance and stability exercises
    • You can’t balance on one leg but want to expertly ride on two wheels? We will use all sorts of unstable devices to exercise with.
  • Upper body strength development (the neglected step-child).
  • Leg power
    • Short bursts of energy to get you over that slippery root on an uphill. Take that, tree tentacle!
  • Core strength
    • No core while trying to use your legs is like shooting a cannon out of a canoe, need I say more?


Mondays & Wednesdays 6-7pm
Official start November 6/17 – December 13/17 (12 sessions/6 weeks)

FREE SAMPLE SESSIONS: October 30th 6-7pm (Mobility), Nov. 1st 6-7pm (Strength).
Join us for two free sessions to find out if this program is for you!


North Langford Recreation Centre at Bear Mountain Resort
Mondays – Mobility Mondays
Wednesday – Weight Wednesdays

COST: $240
Participants: Max. 10, Min. 6

Meet Your New Strength & Mobility TrainerAli Boudewyn - Mountain Biker


  • Canadian Athletic Therapists Association certified Athletic Therapist
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology certified Exercise Physiologist
  • Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy
  • Red Cross First Responder
  • Mountain Biker!



The Mountain Bike Bootcamp program is jointly organized between The Cycling Co., the North Langford Recreation Centre, and Bear Mountain Resort.

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